Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A fowl intervention

Since Kahea has been home from Mexico, despite his deep, penetrating tan, he hasn't eaten any Chicken. The other day he ate two frozen pizzas(Totinos). He did not finish the second frozen pizza until the following morning. Even though the remaining slice(s) was(were) dried out and unpleasant looking, Kahea took the liberty of eating it.

Since returning home from Mexico Kahea has not had the swine flu(which would make him a swine fool) but he has been lacking in motivation, which is entirely fine and understandable. It was a big trip and a lot of interesting things happened. This lack of motivation has however, unfortunately, extended into the world of fowl.

Kahea, if you are reading this, we here at Kahea Most Fowl would like to, at this time perform an intervention on you. PLEASE EAT FOWL AGAIN! Whatever it takes man, I know you can do it(if you want to, if not, feel free to disregard this intervention)! Kahea, we are 8 people who have been trapped by your demon of not eating fowl! Please free us!

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