Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fowl Blog

Kahea has been eating Chicken intermittently lately, and I have been lax on updating. His chicken eating is not quite at the level it once was, ie. everyday, it is now more like once or twice a week.
Yesterday was Kahea's birthday. I got him a cupcake. He also bought a shirt and a hat. Also some other things happened.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Many fowl returns

Sound a bell! Honk a car horn! Light some fire crackers and blow on one of those paper tubes which unrolls and honks! Kahea has returned, half-heartedly to his fowl loving.
Our new roommate, Brandt, who replaced Grant(no joke!) recently made Chicken tacos and apparently shared one with Kahea.
Kahea said the taco was delicious and I forgot what toppings he put on it but was surprised at how few there were.
Lets hope the savory flavor explosion experienced by Kahea via his mouth will be enough to overcome the laziness which has recently interfered with his fowl ways. May we all pray at this time that Kahea be released from the evil grasp of sloth and ascend to the divine peaks of being a fowl connoisseur.
God speed Kahea Hendrickson, God speed(gs).

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kahea most.....pIzZa?!

Since having returned home from Mexico, Kahea has yet to eat a single molecule of chicken or any other sort of fowl.
However, he has eaten a mild to severe amount of frozen Pizza. Yesterday he ate a...I believe it was a Freschetta Cheese pizza.
What makes this interesting, what makes it front page news is this:
Later in the evening I noticed two uneaten slices of pizza sitting on top of the brown stained jar which Kahea takes all his drinks from. I asked Kahea about those pizza slices and he acknowledged they were his and he was saving it for the next day. I was so humored by this I didn't think to ask why he didn't want to keep them in the fridge or last wrap them up to preserve freshness of taste. This was the second time I observed him having left pizza slices sitting out over night to be eaten the next morning. It will be interesting to see if he does this again, and perhaps this blog will have to have a new title. Some humorous word play about leaving pizza out all night.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A fowl intervention

Since Kahea has been home from Mexico, despite his deep, penetrating tan, he hasn't eaten any Chicken. The other day he ate two frozen pizzas(Totinos). He did not finish the second frozen pizza until the following morning. Even though the remaining slice(s) was(were) dried out and unpleasant looking, Kahea took the liberty of eating it.

Since returning home from Mexico Kahea has not had the swine flu(which would make him a swine fool) but he has been lacking in motivation, which is entirely fine and understandable. It was a big trip and a lot of interesting things happened. This lack of motivation has however, unfortunately, extended into the world of fowl.

Kahea, if you are reading this, we here at Kahea Most Fowl would like to, at this time perform an intervention on you. PLEASE EAT FOWL AGAIN! Whatever it takes man, I know you can do it(if you want to, if not, feel free to disregard this intervention)! Kahea, we are 8 people who have been trapped by your demon of not eating fowl! Please free us!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back in town

Kahea is back from Mexico and he is SO tan.
After having become extremely tan and eating a lot of Chicken, one would expect this:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mexicó most fówl.

I have some good news and some bad news.
(The photo came from doing a google image search for 'kahea', 'mexico' and 'chicken')
In other news: ¡¡¡¡Káhéá is in Mexico!¡!!¡! He will return on my birthday, April 16th. One could hardly imagine a better birthday present than for my roommate to return home.
(Some)One (else) can hardly imagine the different types of chicken Kahea may be eating in Mexico, for rock bottom prices. Mexico has officially rolled back their prices on chicken in honor of Kahea and also because everyone there is poor.

Here are two examples of Mexican Chicken. Both are 99.9% accurate (technically speaking)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fowl play.

This is from the local newspaper, The Olympian:
The world's economic crisis is taking its toll on the fowl eating habits of one half-hawaiin Olympia resident, Kahea Hendrickson. Previously known to eat baked fowl up to two times a day, he hasn't been seen eating any in over two weeks.

I made that up, but perhaps one day the great injustice of Kahea not being in the local paper will be corrected.
The fake article was correct however in noting that Kahea has not been seen eating fowl for over two weeks....


Two local citizens, Marissa and myself, while driving downtown near California Taco, Olympia's best source for good Mexican food which happens to be located in various trucks parked around town,

We noticed Kahea! Buying a CHICKEN BURRITO!

Turns out he has been eating there daily for the past week or so. I suppose it wasn't the economic situation after all, but rather a change in taste or perhaps laziness, either way, needless to say, I was pretty stoked(jazzed) to see his fowl appetite had not waned.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Personal Fowl.

The day before yesterday Kahea ate his second Turkey wing. (I had mistakenly thought it was a chicken wing).
Yesterday Kahea ate no fowl (as far as I know. In the mid afternoon I dropped him off at Bridget's on our (Marissa's and mine) way to the Evergreen beach for a picnic of pizza and cookies while watching the sunset over the Puget Sound. It is possible he had some fowl after I dropped him off, but I think it is unlikely, though I will confirm this now via text message.
Despite having eaten no fowl yesterday Kahea DID kiss a girl. Very early in the morning. In a parked car. Outside of our house.
Later in the day Kahea said he liked women's bodies in the same way he likes dog bodies. (Kahea really loves dogs. He once said he would rather have a dog than a wife and kids)

Kahea hasn't texted back, but when he does I'll update.
Here is a photo of Kahea from behind. He is the person closest to the camera, wearing the colored (person's) winters cap.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fowl ball!

This afternoon I came down stairs to find Kahea sitting on the couch eating something conspicuously non-fowl. It turned out to be a tuna fish sandwich. I think we can all agree to feel deeply disappointed.

However, things took a turn for the better a few moments later when I was looking through the fridge for my carton of orange juice to bring a glass to Marissa when I noticed one of the familiar Styrofoam trays covered by plastic wrapped which packaged the fowl of which Kahea is so fond.

Interestingly I noticed that instead of the bird's leg this was a wing!.

That evening, after returning from the store having purchased some l-tryptophan supplements and Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream my previous lunchtime disappointment was relieved in learning Kahea had eaten one his chicken wings for dinner. The wing was bake for 20 minutes on each side at 400 degrees with no seasoning.

When asked to compare the leg to the wing Kahea said it was more difficult to eat, however it was more meat for the money, so he predicts in the future the wing will be more often consumed by him than the leg. We then talked about how the wing was able to unfold on three joints, like a living wing, which I then acted out by unfolding my arm and hand as if opening a wing.

Kahea Hendrickson, god bless your fowl life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am getting ready for bed, thinking about what fowl Kahea might eat tomorrow. He doesn't have any more fowl in the fridge so he will have to get some from the grocery store if he is going to continue with his fowl loving.

I know he is pretty low on $$$, so maybe he can't afford more any more fowl. Although, I know part of why he started eating fowl is because of how cheap chicken legs and turkey legs are. At first I was kind of surprised at how cheap it was, but after thinking about it, I realized it makes sense that a piece of fowl which has undergone only minimal processing would be much less than than say, a frozen pizza which has been extensively processed on several levels. As well, it seems that of all the different meats available at least one type of fowl will almost inevitable be on sale.

For example, right now at Ralph's, where Kahea buys has, up to this point, purchased his bird legs, one can get an entire organic fryer Chicken for only 3.99.

Time will tell if Kahea will be able to afford another chicken, turkey or other fowl leg tomorrow. I pray to god and dog spelled backwords that he will.

I am hoping he gets food stamps. An extra 155$ per month just for food would go a long way towards purchasing a generous variety of fowl meat.(I know how much he would get because he and I have the exact same income and rent)

having a fowl movement

I was correct about Kahea eating is second turkey leg today. I was also correct about him baking it.

However, I was incorrect about him using no seasonings. He used some product called 'Lemonaise' it is like mayonnaise, but lemon based.

I would like to take responsibility for Kahea having used lemonaise on his turkey leg. I noticed the lemonaise in the fridge and asked if it was for his fowl. He replied it was not and I suggested it would probably be good with his turkey and later, when I was downstairs, I saw him using it as a dipping sauce. I can only hope it was delicious.

I was also able to sneak a few photos of his turkey leg eating.

Time will tell.

Kahea borrowed my car last night to stay at Ruth's. I guess she wasn't feeling well so asked him to stay over. He probably didn't eat any fowl while at her house. But hopefully he will eat some this afternoon. I am guessing another turkey leg since yesterday he had bought two but only cooked one.
I am also guessing it will be baked with no seasoning.
I'll update as soon as I find out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kahea Hendrickson, Fowl Connoisseur.

Kahea has been eating a lot of fowl lately.
Mostly Chicken, but today he ate turkey.
Both times it was the leg of the fowl.
He bakes the fowl in the oven without any seasonings
and eats it without any utensils.
What fowl will he eat next?
Will he ever use seasonings?
Will he ever eat it with utensils?
Or cook it another way than baking?

This blog is meant to answer these questions as well as others that arise related to Kahea and his love of fowl. I will also document each time Kahea eats fowl of any sort, but also other meals eaten by him.