Monday, May 4, 2009

Many fowl returns

Sound a bell! Honk a car horn! Light some fire crackers and blow on one of those paper tubes which unrolls and honks! Kahea has returned, half-heartedly to his fowl loving.
Our new roommate, Brandt, who replaced Grant(no joke!) recently made Chicken tacos and apparently shared one with Kahea.
Kahea said the taco was delicious and I forgot what toppings he put on it but was surprised at how few there were.
Lets hope the savory flavor explosion experienced by Kahea via his mouth will be enough to overcome the laziness which has recently interfered with his fowl ways. May we all pray at this time that Kahea be released from the evil grasp of sloth and ascend to the divine peaks of being a fowl connoisseur.
God speed Kahea Hendrickson, God speed(gs).

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