Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fowl play.

This is from the local newspaper, The Olympian:
The world's economic crisis is taking its toll on the fowl eating habits of one half-hawaiin Olympia resident, Kahea Hendrickson. Previously known to eat baked fowl up to two times a day, he hasn't been seen eating any in over two weeks.

I made that up, but perhaps one day the great injustice of Kahea not being in the local paper will be corrected.
The fake article was correct however in noting that Kahea has not been seen eating fowl for over two weeks....


Two local citizens, Marissa and myself, while driving downtown near California Taco, Olympia's best source for good Mexican food which happens to be located in various trucks parked around town,

We noticed Kahea! Buying a CHICKEN BURRITO!

Turns out he has been eating there daily for the past week or so. I suppose it wasn't the economic situation after all, but rather a change in taste or perhaps laziness, either way, needless to say, I was pretty stoked(jazzed) to see his fowl appetite had not waned.


  1. chicken burrito
    stimulate economy
    his fondest wish

  2. no no lemme start over

    chicken burrito
    stimulate economy
    its his fondest wish

    close on there

  3. mount the deceased bird
    express your love for its flesh

  4. I call this one
    "Current Events"

    package in the fridge
    and it says "fryer drumsticks
    grown in Washington"

  5. oven door opens
    and the triple chicken leg
    fiesta begins

  6. when you're Kahea
    you make the switch to turkey
    it's delectable

  7. you're gonna have to
    keep me up to date, my man
    teach me of his ways