Sunday, February 22, 2009

Personal Fowl.

The day before yesterday Kahea ate his second Turkey wing. (I had mistakenly thought it was a chicken wing).
Yesterday Kahea ate no fowl (as far as I know. In the mid afternoon I dropped him off at Bridget's on our (Marissa's and mine) way to the Evergreen beach for a picnic of pizza and cookies while watching the sunset over the Puget Sound. It is possible he had some fowl after I dropped him off, but I think it is unlikely, though I will confirm this now via text message.
Despite having eaten no fowl yesterday Kahea DID kiss a girl. Very early in the morning. In a parked car. Outside of our house.
Later in the day Kahea said he liked women's bodies in the same way he likes dog bodies. (Kahea really loves dogs. He once said he would rather have a dog than a wife and kids)

Kahea hasn't texted back, but when he does I'll update.
Here is a photo of Kahea from behind. He is the person closest to the camera, wearing the colored (person's) winters cap.


  1. how he kissed a girl
    with turkey on his breath
    it just must be love

  2. night will surely come
    and he will prepare a bird
    for his enjoyment

  3. i wonder what Kahea has eaten the past few days.

  4. I need some kind of expose regarding this.

  5. there was that one time
    he disclosed just where he'd been
    Indian Buffet